Whatsapp Queuing Solution

As a part of our continuous growth, EaZy-Q strives to be the first in creating latest trend in the queuing solution industry which includes integrating with latest communication tools widely used around the world. Recently, EaZy-Q has launched a unique Queuing Solution which allow user to get into the Queue simply by using whatsapp. This enables customers to take tokens remotely without downloading any special application on the smart phones and coming into direct contact with the agent or touching any buttons or surfaces at the premises.

This will allow the customer to take the token remotely and check-in through their mobile phones whilst monitoring the progress and status of their queue with the convenience of their home, car or regardless of where they are located. This solution has been designed to offer a convenient alternative to the traditional queuing system and will prove to be a stress free experience for both the clients and their visitors alike.


Features & Benefits :

  • Reduced customer wait times, less occupancy rate on premises and improved efficiency.
  • Better staff productivity and hassle free experience due to better management of the customer flow.
  • Convenience for the staff on duty as well as for the customers.
  • Improved customer ratings for the businesses.
  • Optimized real time metrics for the management to help in better decision making and efficient assigning of service agents.

  • No need to download any special application on the smart phone. Get into the queue using just whatsapp.
  • Advance status check tools to help user get current status anywhere, anytime.
  • Contactless & highly cost effect Token System
  • Scan QR Code to get into the queue and start communicating with the locally running queue system
  • Token issuance with Real time notifications/reminders at each stage of the queuing
  • Created with EaZy-Q’s most Advanced and intelligent Queue Management System platform
  • Broadcast important messages such as branch timings, current occupancy rate, pre-approval requirements for faster service and reduced waiting times (e.g. for Banks, Medical facilities, Government services etc.)
  • Offers Integration with Customer Feedback System
  • Live monitoring of status with graphical dashboard and reporting for Management purposes

Features of Whatsapp Queuing Solution

Whatsapp queuing solution is one of a kind which offer managing queue via Whatsapp application. EaZy-Q comprehensive Whatsapp queuing solution provides a user friendly 2 way communication chat bot that integrates with the EaZy-Q control panel for issuing new token and managing the queue by sending real time messaging. Below are some of the advance features available in our Whatsapp Queuing Solution:

  • Get token directly on the whatsapp screen
  • Get on demand branch wise status information with number of customer in the queue waiting and estimated waiting time.
  • Built-in survey feature to record customer satisfaction
  • Auto generated real time notification
  • Promotional messaging (both image and text)

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