Virtual Queue Management Solution


Features & Benefits :

  • Reduced customer wait times, less occupancy rate on premises and improved efficiency.
  • Better staff productivity and hassle free experience due to better management of the customer flow.
  • Convenience for the staff on duty as well as for the customers.
  • Improved customer ratings for the businesses.
  • Optimized real time metrics for the management to help in better decision making and efficient assigning of service agents.

  • Created with EaZy-Q’s most Advanced and intelligent Queue Management System platform
  • Contactless Token System with QR Code/Barcode integration
  • Token issuance with Real time notifications/reminders at each stage of the queuing via Client website, WhatsApp, SMS, Mobile App etc.
  • Broadcast important messages such as branch timings, current occupancy rate, pre-approval requirements for faster service and reduced waiting times (e.g. for Banks, Medical facilities, Government services etc.)
  • Offers Integration with Customer Feedback System
  • Live monitoring of status with graphical dashboard and reporting for Management purposes

Virtual Queue Mobile App

EaZy-Q comprehensive queue management solution provides three different ways to your prestige customers to take the token number and get into the waiting queue. Customers can take a token from either a self-serve token dispenser kiosk, go to the reception / customer service help desk to get the token number or use our advance mobile application by the convenience of the hand held devices. Below are some of the advance features available in Mobile Application:

  • Online Booking
  • Booking retrieval by reference number
  • Real time Location finder with navigation tool.
  • Real time branch wise status information with number of customer in the queue waiting and estimated waiting time.
  • Built-in survey feature to record customer satisfaction
  • Paper less token issuance
  • Real time notification for customer’s serving time and their token being called
  • Promotional messaging (both image and text)

Online Booking Web Portal

On top of the mobile app, this tool helps business by providing an alternative to make the booking easier. Our Online Booking is 100% customizable and provides an efficient way to both business and customers to manage the branch visit. System provides real time integration with the existing system so that business can online booking hassle free.

EaZy-Q® offers a customized web page for the online booking. This page is usually linked to the business web site through a menu item or button provided anywhere on the web site. Any information collected gets saved either on the Cloud based server (usually setup by EaZy-Q® Team) or public server hosting provided by the client.

When customer clicks on the Online Booking URL, required information (based on the business requirement) is presented on the page. For example, customer are asked to fill their Name, Mobile #, Email Address, Purpose of the visit in terms of “Required Service”, Available Date and Time. Note that the date and time will be fetched dynamically based on number of days and hours of operation for a specific business.



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