Way Finding Solutions

Directions and way-finding solutions are key factors when planning your facilities and events. Our interactive solution provides visual aids / directions to make it simple for the user to locate the desired entity hassle free. EaZy-Q also offers wide range of kiosk design selection to match your business needs. We also offer custom made kiosk body branding to meet 100% of the business requirement.


In retail sector, showing shoppers the way to stores with their favorite products or brands by having them enter what they are looking for increases customer satisfaction hence increases sales revenue. Not only EaZy-Q Way Finding Solution cater all the needs of the customer’s navigation but also can be used for multiple purposes such as promoting ads, as an information kiosk and as an Ad-hoc announcements portal. On top of the above mentioned features, our system can be integrated with the BMS (building Management System) to guide visitors to the nearest exit in case of fire or any emergency.


Features & Benefits :

EaZy-Q Way Finding Solution in real world :-

Our Way Finding Solution helps millions of people every day and makes their lives easy at public locations such as:

1) Shopping Malls

2) Hotels

3) Hospitals

4) Airports

5) Office Building etc..

Key features & Benefits :-

  • Change / update contents from central location
  • Build on open source technologies.
  • No yearly subscription cost.
  • Wide range of media support for advertisement & promotions.
  • Central live monitoring dashboards.
  • Live RSS feeds support (News, Stock Exchange, Weather etc.).
  • Auto Alerts (SMS or via Email) on power or communication failures.
  • Available connectivity via LAN, WIFI and 3G/4G/LTE.


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