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Let us take a brief moment to explains how this whole thing works and makes difference in business customers day to day interaction and experience more comfortable and enjoyable because make your customer happy is the key to any successful business. EaZy-Q Digital Signage Solution CMS provides an easy way to create and manage multiple screen designs on single or group of devices. All you need is to follow below simple steps to run the contents on display(s) in minutes (TVs, LED Dot Matrix, and Interactive Kiosk etc.). Our user friendly web portal provides an interactive way to create a free fall layout with multiple content sections. Once the layout is created, a playlist of contents that needs to be displayed has to be defined. This can easily be done by using an option on the menu called “Create Playlist”. Now the third step is to attach and schedule the newly created playlist to a group or a single device available in the list of devices on the selection panel.
As soon as the schedule time reaches, all the smart devices connected to the displays trigger the auto content download process to collect required information and contents from the server where EaZy-Q Digital Signage main engine is installed. Our Digital Signage main engine is capable of running on any environment (i.e., on the cloud, Virtual Server OR Physical server on the local network).
Our built-in alerts and notification system generates an SMS and / or shoots an email on any irregularity occurs on the live system (device failures, network disconnected, power failure etc..). Also, at any point of time management take reports, see live dashboards and much more to get real time information of the current status of the devices as well as the contents being played.

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