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Let us take a brief moment to explains how this whole thing works and makes difference in business customers day to day interaction and experience more comfortable and enjoyable because make your customer happy is the key to any successful business. EaZy-Q comprehensive Customer Feedback System provides an easy way to create a templates of dynamic user definable questionnaire through web based CMS (Content Management System). Once the questions are defined, User can attach and schedule these templates single or multiple devices.
When the schedule time reaches, EaZy-Q Customer Feedback system will automatically load the newly created templates to the attached devices. These devices can either floor mount or table top based on the business needs so that customer can provide the feedback conveniently. The table top devices are portable in nature and can also be used on the move.
At any point of time management take reports, see live dashboards and much more to get real time customer feedback information. EaZy-Q has built-in SMS and email notifications which will automatically shoot out to management and also customers in case of a specified scenario occurs (i.e., customer provides non satisfactory feedback etc..)

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