About Us

Matrix Technosys Inc. Established in the year 2003, has been one of the fastest growing companies in the region – serving our customers with their complete satisfaction in several countries around the world. Our aim is to provide the most advance, intelligent, up to the mark and user-friendly systems.
EaZy-Q® is a brand of Matrix Technosys Inc. In a short span of time, with continuous innovations and dedication in the field of Queuing Solutions and Customer Flow Management System, EaZy-Q® has become the well-renowned and preferred brand in the market. The outcome in the past has proven that after the EaZy-Q® has launched in any country, it took only less than 3 years on an average to become one of the top-brands in that market. Our queue management solutions has been successfully operational with large number of installations and extremely satisfied customers in several countries. We have catered several industries by not only fulfilling 100% in their requirements, but also by providing them more advance features that are helpful for their business process, thus resulted in a solution better than their expectations.
EaZy-Q® solution is a combination of hardware devices and our user friendly applications which makes us unique and outstanding compared to other brands. Our software applications are based on open source technology which makes it easy for other third party tools to communicate with our system. Due to the advance technology used in the development process, EaZy-Q® is one of the finest brands providing end to end solution for all business needs.
EaZy-Q solutions are completely IP based which makes relocating devices efficiently, cost effective and seamless. We also have Cloud based solutions for all our product range which makes it easier.