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EaZy-Q® provides an economical queue system solution which is a cost effective way of managing long customers queue by automating the process of re-directing the crowd to multiple channel with less rush or straight to a vacant areas. Our system helps in meeting specialized business customer flow requirements with built in multichannel customer flow algorithm so that customer doesn’t have to take multiple tokens numbers for different services. Our advance EaZy-Q® queue management solution intelligently and seamlessly manages multiple department calls using the same token number and makes day to day business more smooth and efficient. Our electronic queue system is completely IP based which makes it more scalable and robust than any product available in the market. EaZy-Q® provides both Wired and Wireless queuing system technology which makes it easier & flexible for our clients to manage their infrastructure based on their needs. Our solution is completely IP based which makes relocating devices efficiently, cost effective and seamless.

Features & Benefits :

  • WIRED & WIRELESS Technology with mix and match capability
  • Multi-Lingual (English, French, German, Arabic, Tagalog and more…)
  • Intelligent Controls for Timings & Load-Sharing
  • Attendant’s Login & Logout with Efficiency Control
  • Advance & Intelligent Calling controls (such as Priority Call / Save Next / Auto-Recall, etc.)
  • Floor Mount, Wall Mount & Desktop Token Dispensers (with matching interior – as required)

Outdoor Queue Management Systems:

EaZy-Q® is the pioneer in introducing outdoor queue management solutions in the region. This solution has provided many customer a unique way of handling customer inflow in the large open area. This system can be used to manage the following areas:

  • Customs pickup area
  • Car parking lot
  • Courier delivery lot
  • Water delivery pickup area and much more…

Online Booking Solution

EaZy-Q® offers 3 ways for online booking which are as follows:

  1. Web page (embedded URL in the business web site)
  2. Through advance mobile application
  3. Can be integrated with the existing online booking application.

Combine with the expertise of our in house developer, EaZy-Q® offers a customized web page for the online booking. This page is usually linked to the business web site through a menu item or button provided anywhere on the web site. Any information collected gets saved either on the Cloud based server (usually setup by EaZy-Q® Team) or public server hosting provided by the client. When customer clicks on the Online Booking URL, required information (based on the business requirement) is presented on the page.

For example, customer are asked to fill their Name, Mobile #, Email Address, Purpose of the visit in terms of “Required Service”, Available Date and Time. Note that the date and time will be fetched dynamically based on days and hours of operation for a specific business. Once all the required entry options are filled, customer either clicks “Cancel” to discard the booking or clicks “Submit “ to proceed with the booking.

After customer submits the booking information, usually but no limited to, EaZy-Q® either interact with the client existing database and save the information for client system, Insert the data in EaZy-Q® Electron ic Approval System database for Online Booking Approval or shoots an email and / or SMS to the concern department for manual processing.

If the booking is being handled by the client’s existing system, EaZy-Q® will fetch the booking reference number from the existing client’s database and use this information to issue token number at the time of booking retrieval. Usually, these information are scheduled to be fetched in the nightly scheduled task but also it can be done periodically (single or multiple times) at any part of the day.

Centralized Management System (CMS) Features & Benefits:

  • Centralized control for multiple branches and departments. These branches can be in multiple countries, cities as well as geographical areas in the same city. Clients can manage queue system related changes from one central location (Head office). For example, managing counters, services , managing user access, changing promotional messages on the Displays, updating messages on the printed tokens and much more.
  • Monitor alerts and offline devices (if any)
  • Real time reporting for multiple branches
  • Live Dashboards

Mobile App:

Our Mobile Application is one of the most advance tools available in the queue management solutions that enable customers get in the queue with the convenience of sitting on their comfy couch at home. All you need to do is download our app from “App Store” or “Google Play Store”. Besides the basic features of getting virtual token numbers, our mobile app has a lot more features For example, this app can also be used to collect the feedback from the customer, make online appointment booking, retrieve booking, find nearest branch and much more.

Our online booking through this application makes it easier for the customers to manage their visit more efficiently and conveniently. This tool helps business to reduce number of people waiting in their premises.

Another great new feature of this app is “Location Finder” which makes it easy for the ADHOC customer to navigate to the nearest branch with less waiting time. With this feature, our Real-time synchronization provides user the information right to the seconds (number of people waiting, estimated waiting time etc.) so that customer can make right decision. Due to the real-time updates, customer gets up to date information for any changes occurs on the business service level. For example, user gets notified if the branch is closed for renovation, change in business hours etc.

How it works:

Let us take a brief moment to explain how this whole thing works. EaZy-Q® comprehensive queue management solution provides three different ways to your prestige customers to take the token number and get into the waiting queue. Customers can take a token from either a self-serve token dispenser kiosk, go to the reception / customer service help desk to get the token number or use our advance mobile application by the convenience of the hand held devices.After taking the token number, EaZy-Q® queue management main engine installed on the server PC (on the cloud, Virtual Server OR Physical server on the local network), assign the appropriate flow for that customer. When the system reaches at a particular number before the specific (target) waiting customer, system generates an SMS and / or Mobile-App-Alert to notify the customer for their upcoming turn. System announces token number on first come first serve basis (unless there is priority customer in the queue).

After announcing the token number, customer of that token number will proceed to the counter / room where the attendant has called the number. After being served, customer will either go out or proceed to the next attendant depending customer flow algorithm set in the system. Before leaving the premises, if CFS product is available in that location, customer can provide his / her feedback using our advance Customer Feedback Solution. At any point of time management take reports, see live dashboards and much more to get real time customer flow information.


Token Dispenser

  • Model : EQ-TP803 / EQ-TP802 / EQ-TP801 Print speed : 300mm / Sec. / 250mm / Sec. / 160mm / Sec.Learn More
  • Display: 17.3” LED – Touch (Also Available in 15.6” / 18.5” / 21.6” / 26” Models) Orientation: Standard Layout Landscape (Also available in Portrait Model) Learn More
  • Screen Size: 7.0” Touch Panel Orientation: Portrait Technology: 5 point Capacitive Touch (High Speed)Learn More
  • Display: 17.3” LED – Touch (Also Available in 15.6” / 18.5” / 21.6” Models) Orientation: Standard Layout LandscapeLearn More
  • Display (Available Sizes): 15.6” / 17” / 19” / 21.6” / 24” LED Screen Orientation: Landscape (Standard) (Also available in Portrait Mode) Learn More
  • Screen Size: 9” Touch Panel Orientation: Standard Layout Portrait (Also available in Landscape Model) Learn More

Multimedia Player

  • Multipurpose Media Player/ Android OS / Octa core Processor / Built-in Ethernet port & Wifi / HDMI, USB, OTG and much moreLearn More
  • Multipurpose Media Player/ Android OS / Quad Core Processor / Built-in Ethernet port & Wifi / HDMI, USB, OTG and much more Learn More
  • Multipurpose  Media Player/
    Windows OS /
    Core i3/ i5 / i7 Processor /
    Built-in Ethernet port & Wifi /
    And much more

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Counter Display

  • 15” Professional Display Suitable to run 24x7 / Android OS / Built-in Wifi, Ethernet & POE / Quad Core Processor / 128 GB extendable storage Learn More
  • 12” Professional Display distributor Suitable to run 24x7 / Android OS / Built-in Wifi, Ethernet & POE / Quad Core Processor / 128 GB extendable storage Learn More
  • 4 Digit Numeric Display Suitable to run 24x7 / RED, Green & White Color LEDs Built-in Number Flashing option Learn More

Calling Devices

  • User Log-in & Log-out Next / Re-Call Manual Call (Specific Number Calling) Auto-Finished & Auto-Served Advance Auto Learn More
  • User Log-in & Log-out Next / Re-Call Manual Call (Specific Number Calling) Auto-Finished & Auto-Served Advance Auto Learn More
  • User Log-in & Log-out Next / Re-Call Manual Call (Specific Number Calling) Auto-Finished & Auto-Served Advance Auto Learn More

Some of the Web Based Analytical & Graphical Reports

Live Dashboard

  • Real time Counter & Service Status /
    Graphical Overview at glance /
    Attendant efficiency status /
    Device failure Notification

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