Let us take a brief moment to explain how this whole thing works. EaZy-Q comprehensive queue management solution provides three different ways to your prestige customers to take the token number and get into the waiting queue. Customers can take a token from either a self-serve token dispenser kiosk, go to the reception / customer service help desk to get the token number or use our advance mobile application by the convenience of the hand held devices.After taking the token number, EaZy-Q® queue management main engine installed on the server PC (on the cloud, Virtual Server OR Physical server on the local network), assign the appropriate flow for that customer. When the system reaches at a particular number before the specific (target) waiting customer, system generates an SMS and / or Mobile-App-Alert to notify the customer for their upcoming turn.
System announces token number on first come first serve basis (unless there is priority customer in the queue). After announcing the token number, customer of that token number will proceed to the counter / room where the attendant has called the number. After being served, customer will either go out or proceed to the next attendant depending customer flow algorithm set in the system. Before leaving the premises, if CFS product is available in that location, customer can provide his / her feedback using our advance Customer Feedback Solution. At any point of time management take reports, see live dashboards and much more to get real time customer flow information.

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